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Lucas Davis

Vision Statement

Our vision encompasses a transformative future in Minneapolis, one where the chasms of injustice and disparities that currently exist between white communities and communities of color are entirely eradicated. Anchored in the conviction that the myriad struggles faced by our multicultural communities in their quest for justice are intrinsically interwoven, we are committed to collectively rising. Our aim is not merely to address the symptoms of these disparities but to foster an environment where true equity is the foundation. By doing so, we envision not just the betterment of Minneapolis but the crafting of a world that reflects our highest ideals of equality and mutual respect.

Mission Statement

Our mission revolves around the creation and nurturing of a vibrant network of multicultural groups, each dedicated to the envisioning and realization of a future where individuals, communities, and races thrive in harmony, devoid of injustice or disparities. United in our diversity, we are forging paths towards this future with love, compassion, and peaceful intentions at the core of our actions. Our approach is holistic, recognizing that deep, lasting change in our community requires not just systemic reforms but a profound shift in how we perceive and relate to one another. Through collaborative efforts, educational initiatives, and community engagement, we aim to dismantle the barriers that divide us, paving the way for a society where every person, irrespective of race or background, can enjoy the fruits of justice and equality. In this journey, we are not just advocates for change; we are architects of a new reality, one where the ideals of equity, respect, and mutual understanding are not just aspirations but lived experiences.